Demonstrators from the Extinction Rebellion group continued their campaign to disrupt business in London with public transport bearing the brunt of their actions on Wednesday.

The protesters claim their action is necessary to draw attention to threats to the environment.

Their critics, including Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, have questioned whether disrupting public transport is consistent with their aims of environmentally-friendly policies while transport bosses have tried to de-activate WiFi in order to disrupt the protests.

Aside from the disruption caused, the protests has seen activists of all ages take to the streets - with some striking costumes and witty placards.

A canary in Parliament Square. Credit: PA
'The statue of taking liberties'. Credit: PA
All smiles from this protesting grandmother. Credit: PA
Many protesters dressed for the occasion. Credit: PA
Demonstrators pose during the second day of protests on Waterloo Bridge. Credit: PA
Climate protesters join Extinction Rebellion Scotland as they form a road block on the North Bridge. Credit: PA
Thunderbirds are go! Credit: PA
Rainbow colour costumes and placards were seen. Credit: PA
A baby holds a sign that reads: 'If not for you, do it for me'. Credit: PA
One of many signs at the Extinction Rebellion protests. Credit: AP
Many creatures and critters joined the way. Credit: AP
A catwalk highlighted the fashion industry's affect on climate change. Credit: PA
Demonstrators in Oxford Circus used a boat in place of a placard. Credit: Kirsty O’Connor/PA