Five times when companies launched a product and got it badly wrong

Credit: Amazon

Samsung has been left red-faced after launching a foldable phone which appears to break.

The launch of the Galaxy Ford was highly anticipated and should allow phone users to turn a tablet into a standard smartphone when folded.

However reviewers have claimed the phone flashes and becomes unresponsive after just two days of use, leaving the phone "completely unusable."

It is not the first time Samsung has fallen victim to a doomed product and other companies have also made errors in judgement with these product launches.

Bic pen for women

The stationery manufacturer BIC was ridiculed when it launched a pen range just 'for her'.

Pink and purple pens were introduced to the market in 2012 promising 'beautifully smooth writing' and an 'elegant pen silhouette'.

However the market did not take kindly to the gender specific pens and Amazon was flooded with reviews from outraged women and tongue-in-cheek comments.

One unimpressed user wrote: "I can't WAIT for my husband to come home & show me how to use it! I wanted to open the package myself, but I'm unsure how to do that. The minute dinner is done, the dishes are washed, the kitchen is clean, & he's had his shower & put on the clothes I laid out for him, we're going to try it out!"

BIC judged the marked wrong with this product launch of pens just for women. Credit: Amazon


Hoverboards were all the rage in 2015, when children around the world were zipping along pavements on the latest trendy gadget.

However what followed was a quick recall from companies, when they realised they were a fire hazard and started catching on fire.

No single reason was found to be behind the fires, but after a surge in popularity, many companies had to remove the product from shelves to avoid any further disasters.

What was left of a hoverboard after it caught fire. Credit: London Fire Brigade

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With Samsung's latest launch marred by criticism, surely it will be giving the tech company flashbacks to the nightmare that was the Galaxy Note 7.

The phone kept overheating and exploding and pictures of smoldering phones were a regular occurance.

Samsung admitted it was down to a fault with the battery and was forced to recall the phone, costing them an estimated £4.3bn.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones kept overheating and blowing up. Credit: AP

Google glasses

Google glasses were seen as the biggest product flop in recent years.

It was an attempt to create interactive smart glasses but failed to actually deliver and at a cost of $1,500, the hyped product did not take off.

Google glasses were not the tech giant's best launch. Credit: AP

H&M hoodie

H&M were left with their head in their hands after advertising a green hoodie with the words 'coolest monkey in the jungle,' being modelled by a black child.

The advert prompted a huge backlash online, with many criticising the high street retailer for the 'disgusting' advert.

The Swedish firm pulled the hoodie from its shelves and issued a grovelling apology saying "we have got this wrong."

The Swedish retailer had to pull this hoodie from its shelves after a massive backlash, Credit: H&M