Alcohol and cocaine warning after Love Island's Sophie Gradon's death

Former Miss Great Britain and Love Island contestant Sophie Gradon Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

A coroner has issued a warning about mixing alcohol and cocaine after Love Island star Sophie Gradon hanged herself having consumed both substances.

The 32-year-old was found at her home in Ponteland, Northumberland, by her boyfriend and his brother in June, an inquest in North Shields, North Tyneside, on Thursday, heard.

Coroner Eric Armstrong said there was no evidence of any third party involvement in the reality star’s death.

Toxicology tests showed she had a blood reading of 201mg per 100ml of blood – around three times the legal driving limit, as well as cocaine.

The coroner said research in the US said the combination was known to make someone 16 times more likely to kill themselves.

He said: “If Sophie’s death is to serve any purpose at all, that message should go out far and wide.”

Miss Gradon, was named Miss Great Britain in 2009 and had been crowned Miss Newcastle the previous year. Credit: PA

His conclusion was: “Sophie Hannah Gradon, having consumed alcohol and cocaine took her own life by hanging.”

The coroner said the former Miss Great Britain would not have acted as she did if she had not taken cocaine and alcohol, and that made her behave irrationally.

He said: "The combination I am given to understand is used by those who believe it brings on a so-called high much quicker.

"What they may not appreciate is it is also now thought to give rise to violent thoughts, and those thoughts can be against the self."

Fellow Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis was found dead last month, prompting calls from Health Secretary Matt Hancock for reality shows to do more for competitors once they have become famous.

Ms Gradon, 32, was a former Miss Great Britain and media personality – and her sudden death prompted a wave of grief.

Love Island contestant Sophie Gradon was found dead by her boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong. Credit: PA

Her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong, 25, went on to hang himself at his home three weeks later, an inquest in North Shields, North Tyneside, was told last month.

On that occasion, coroner Eric Armstrong heard the besotted partner had been worried about Ms Gradon when he noticed a lack of activity on her social media, and he went round with his brother when they made the distressing discovery.

Miss Gradon and Mr Armstrong met in May 2018 and hit it off immediately, his inquest was told.

His mother said their relationship was “very intense and emotional”.

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