Russian villagers try to save lost polar bear 450 miles from home

Residents of a Russian village are doing their best to save a polar bear which has ended up 450 miles from home.

It is thought the lost bear travelled all the way from his usual habitat on a floating iceberg.

Due to its journey, the polar bear is said to be “lame, exhausted and confused”, having arrived in the extreme east of the Siberian peninsula.

Experts say the bear could have lost its bearings on an ice floe which has travelled from Chukotka to the village of Tilichiki on Kamchatka, a distance of 430 miles.

It is said to be a young polar bear and could barely move when it reached land. Locals gave it food to ensure the bear is not hungry.

Vladimir Chuprov, Greenpeace activist, said: "The nearest habitat of polar bear to the settlement of Tilichiki on the Northern Kamchatka is Chukotka, a few hundred kilometres away. Most likely, judging by the video, the (polar) bear floated from there."

Those offering assistance say the bear has wounded one of its paws.

"In the conditions when the very ice edge where (polar) bear hunts and survives is being lost due to climate change, the Arctic is getting warmer, hunting environment gets smaller and less convenient," Mr Chuprov added.

"The ice is receding, and (polar) bears look for new ways to survive. And the easiest way is coming to people."

Authorities are planning to make a rescue attempt later in the week, which would involved sedating the polar bear and airlifting it to Chukotka.