Footage released of moment murdered journalist Lyra McKee is shot at by gunman

This is the moment a gunman fires at police but hits journalist Lyra McKee.

The grainy footage shows the hooded gunman peering round a building before taking aim and firing.

While it's believed he was targeting police officers, the round hit 29-year-old Ms McKee, who died later in hospital of her wounds.

In other images on the video released by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Ms McKee is identified in the crowd watching the late night disturbances in the Creggan area of Londonderry on Thursday.

Lyra McKee is circled in the crowd watching the disturbances. Credit: PSNI

She is seen to get her mobile phone, stand on tip-toes and take a picture above the heads of the people in front of her.

As the footage moves on, the masked figure of the gunman is spotted front on lurking by the corner of a building.

The masked gunman is spotted by the corner of a building. Credit: PSNI

The man is spotted a little later, on the same corner, moments before he fires at police.

The gunman is spotted in the dark recesses next to a burning barricade. Credit: PSNI

Ms McKee was standing near a police vehicle and was fatally wounded, hit in the head.

She was taken to hospital by officers but later died.

CCTV footage also shows an individual picking up something from the ground on the same corner - possibly shell casings from the firearm.

This is the full footage released by the PSNI.

Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy said: "We are issuing CCTV from the incident which shows Lyra in the crowd.

"The footage also shows the gunman at the corner and an individual picking up something from the ground on the same corner.

"We are releasing this to encourage anyone with information to make contact with us."

A person returns to the spot the gunman fires from to retrieve an object from the ground. Credit: PSNI

He added that they were aware of a lot of footage circulating on social media and appealed to anyone with images to hand them over.

"People saw the gunman and people saw those who goaded young people out onto the streets, people know who they are.

"The answers to what happened last night lie within the community. I am asking people to do the right thing for Lyra McKee, for her family and for the city of Derry/Londonderry and help us stop this madness."

It later emerged that a documentary crew from MTV was filming with Reggie Yates in the area at the time.

A statement released by MTV on Friday night said: "We can confirm that a production company was filming a documentary series for MTV in Northern Ireland and was present in the Creggan area where journalist Lyra McKee was tragically shot and killed.

"Our heartfelt condolences go out to Lyra’s family and friends, and our thoughts are with the people of Derry during this tragic time."