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'Together in death as they were in life': Families of British couple killed in Santorini buggy crash lead tributes

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Jessica Savage

The families of the British teachers killed in a buggy crash on the Greek island of Santorini have paid fresh tributes to the couple.

Milly and Toby Savill from Vauxhall, south London, had been driving the vehicle on the Profitis Ilias mountain when it fell into a 200-metre ravine on Sunday.

As he led a Good Friday service at his church in south London, Mrs Savill's father Rev Steve Coulson, told ITV News how proud he was of his 25-year-old daughter and 26-year-old son-in-law.

He said: ''My heart is bursting with pride. She was beautiful, she was funny, she was brilliant with people, she was someone everyone warmed to.

"How fantastic that we had Milly for 25 years and for us to have Toby as a son-in-law for almost two years.''

The families of the couple said they would be together in death as they were in life.

Milly and Toby Savill beam with joy on their wedding day. Credit: Steve Coulson

Rev Coulson, who is the vicar of St Mark's Kennington Church, shared images of the couple's wedding day, which took place less than two years ago, with ITV News.

He said Mr Savill had managed to lure his daughter up to the rooftop of St Mark's to propose before exchanging their wedding vows in front of him and added: "What a day that was. Toby and Milly were married in this church.''

Rev Coulson said the support and strength he had received from his congregation was helping him through his grief.

Milly and Toby Savill pictured exchanging their vows as her father presided over their ceremony. Credit: Steve Coulson

Santorini is in the south of the Aegean Sea, south east of the Greek capital Athens.

The peak where the incident happened is the highest point on the Greek island, which is popular with British holidaymakers.

The couple's buggy was on the Profitis Ilias mountain when it fell into a 200-metre ravine. Credit: .

Mr Savill had taught history at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton since September 2018.

Principal Tim Dainty said: “His enthusiasm was infectious. He had a very strong relationship with his students and was extremely well-respected by his fellow staff members.

“He will be greatly missed by one and all.”

Toby and Milly Savill shared a passion for football. Credit: Steve Coulson

Mrs Savill, 25, taught at St Anne’s Catholic primary school in Vauxhall.

Head teacher Catherine Davis said: “Mrs Savill was a dearly, much loved teacher and member of staff at St Anne’s.”