Sunny Easter Sunday could set record temperature

We could see a record broken on Easter Sunday. Credit: Met Office

Easter Sunday will be very warm for most, with plenty of sunshine,albeit hazy for some in the north and west.

It will be cloudier, cooler and windier in the far northwest though, with rain over north and northwest Scotland.

The top temperature could reach 26 Celsius, which would set a new record for Easter Sunday.

The record temperature for Easter Sunday in England is 25.3 C reached in Solent, Hampshire in April 2011.

For Scotland it is 20.7 C, reached in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire in April 2015, for Wales it's 21.6 C at Brynamman, Dyfed in April 1984 and in Northern Ireland 19.4 C in Armagh, April 1924.

It’s worth noting however that the seas surrounding the UK remain cool, and so where the wind is onshore, temperatures along these coastlines will remain much lower than those inland.