British motorcyclist, 23, ‘youngest person to ride around the world’

Henry Crew went round the world on a motorcycle Credit: Isabel Infantes/PA

A British motorcyclist is believed to have become the youngest person to ride around the world in a gruelling journey that saw him lose a third of his body weight.

Henry Crew, from Petersfield, Hampshire, clocked up 55,000 miles on his Ducati Scrambler, experiencing extremes of sub-zero temperatures and 52C desert heat.

The 23-year-old took up the challenge to raise money and awareness about men’s mental health, having suffered from depression since he was 14 and lost friends to suicide.

He arrived in London on Good Friday in time to celebrate the long Easter weekend – 363 days after he set off last year.

Remembering how he crossed the Leh-Manali Highway in India, one of the world’s highest roads, he said: “It was incredibly strenuous riding.

“Because of the high altitude, I was burning calories very quickly but there was no fresh food available so I was surviving on one meal a day.

“By the end of that part of the journey, I had lost a third of my body weight, dropping from 11st 6lb to 7st 2lbs.”

Henry Crew is welcomed home by friends and family after completing his challenge Credit: Isabel Infantes/PA

Mr Crew’s trip saw him ride through 35 countries and six continents, and he raised more than £7,000 for the charity Movember.

Unexpected detours meant he rode 20,000 miles more than he had planned.

Mr Crew expects Guinness World Records to confirm his record in the next few months.

The record has been held by British adventurer Kane Avellano since 2017.

Henry Crew with British adventurer Kane Avellano, who has held the record since 2017 Credit: Isabel Infantes/PA

The experience, which took 10 months to plan, taught Mr Crew the importance of asking for help, he said, adding that the generosity of strangers “restored my faith in humanity”.

He continued: “If my bike got a puncture I had to ask for help to get it fixed, otherwise I would have been sitting on the road forever waiting for it to miraculously fix itself.

“It’s the same with your mental health.

“If you don’t ask for help, the problem won’t go away or fix itself.”

Owen Sharp, chief executive of Movember, said: “We are always astounded at the lengths that our supporters will go to to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

“Henry has been on an incredible journey and we’re proud to have supported him around the world.

“We are so grateful to him for sharing his story, and hope this encourages more men to reach out when times are tough.”