It's a sunny and record-breaking Easter Monday for the UK

After a long Easter bank holiday weekend of endless warm sunshine and spotless blue skies - it's been one of our warmest on record.

Today is our warmest Easter Monday recorded with highs already at 25C - and temperatures will continue to climb as the Easter weekend draws to a close.

With near 14 hours of sunshine this time of year and clear skies - more late low sunshine well into this evening before another warm, sunny day tomorrow (if cooler around the coasts).

On Monday, the Met Office said a high of 25C was recorded in England, with top temperatures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland reaching 23.6C, 23.5C and 21.4C respectively.

This follows a record-setting Easter Sunday for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the Met Office has said.

Temperatures reached 23.4C at both Cardiff Bute Park, Wales, and at Scotland’s Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, while 21C was recorded at Helen’s Bay in Northern Ireland.

These beat the temperatures of 21.6C in Brynamman, Wales, in 1984, along with 20.7C in Aboyne, Scotland, in 2015, and 19.4C in Armagh in Northern Ireland dating back to 1924, which were the warmest Easter Sundays for those countries.

The highest temperature in England on Easter Sunday was at Heathrow Airport which recorded 24.6C.

This was still shy of the top Easter Sunday temperature from 2011 when the mercury reached 25.3C in the Solent.