Nigel Farage targets Labour heartlands with new Brexit Party

Nigel Farage has said his new Brexit Party will be targeting Labour heartlands during the upcoming European election.

The former Ukip leader was in Westminster on Tuesday morning as he unveiled the latest round of Brexit Party candidates, including Claire Fox, a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Farage said his party would target Labour strongholds in South Wales, the Midlands and the north of England - places which voted heavily to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Nigel Farage (centre) waits to speak during the launch of the next tranche of Brexit Party candidates. Credit: PA

Speaking at the unveiling of five new candidates, Farage said the party was "doing very well" with Conservative voters.

He said: “There are five million people that voted for Jeremy Corbyn and voted for Brexit as well, and that’s going to be our task.

“I think we will go on squeezing the Conservatives and squeezing Ukip down to virtually nothing.

“We’re going to go after that Labour vote in a very big way.”

On the launch of Change UK's European election campaign, Farage dubbed the party "Continuity UK" and said his party would "modernise politics".

When quizzed about his private school education and background in stockbroking, Farage said: “I did have a private school education – you can’t choose your parents, you can’t choose your name."

Nigel Farage unveiled five new candidates which his Brexit Party plans to field at the upcoming European elections. Credit: PA

He added: "The things that unite people across the spectrum, across the classes, across the racial divide and indeed across the religious divide as well, and it is a belief that nation state democracy is the right way to live your life.”

Among the other candidates revealed by Farage were James Glancy, a Royal Marine veteran; former charity boss Matthew Patten; former nurse Christina Jordan; and smoked salmon producer Lance Foreman.