'It's not something you expect to see on your doorstep': Father's shock after children discover boa constrictor

Bruce Baker said his children were ‘blase’ about finding the snake Credit: Bruce Baker/PA

A father has spoken of his shock after his young children discovered a 7ft boa constrictor on their front doorstep.

Bruce Baker had returned from shopping with three of his children when the potentially deadly discovery was made.

The snake was just a short distance away from his one-year-old daughter and was motionless until the car technician gave it a little kick.

He managed to coax it into a plastic box with the help of his neighbour until the Scottish SPCA arrived at his home in the Scottish Borders.

The father-of-four, from Innerleithen, said: "I was shocked, it's about 7ft - this thing is massive.

"It's not something you expect to see on your doorstep.

"The kids were totally fine, blase. The older ones wanted to go and touch it.

"You play it back in your head, what could have happened."

The father-of-four managed to contain the boa constrictor until the Scottish SPCA arrived. Credit: Bruce Baker/PA

He added: "It's one that can wrap around you, it has so much power, it's just one big muscle.

"It was quite scary but nothing happened."

The boa constrictor was found in his front garden on Sunday and is believed to be an escaped pet.

Mr Baker, 32, phoned the Scottish SPCA animal helpline to rescue the snake, which was taken to the rehoming centre in Edinburgh.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Jamie Cameron said: “The snake was an approximately 7ft-long boa constrictor and has been taken to our animal rescue and rehoming centre in Edinburgh.

“He is quite thin so we believe he has been straying for some time."

The snake is believed to be an escaped pet. Credit: Bruce Baker/PA