Ten methods used by retailers to get you to part with your cash

As online sales increase and consumers spend more on experiences, retailers are working hard to understand your buying habits and how best to increase sales.

Retail expert Kate Hardcastle has shared methods some retailers are using to get you to spend more money.

  • Hot spots for products in stores

Some retailers are using technology, such as security camera data, to reveal foot traffic.

These devices have monitored where and how you linger, the most popular products and store hot spots.

  • Free gift when you spend...

Gifts with purchases are an increasingly popular trend, as retailers encourage you to buy "right here, right now" and to spend more by offering you a free gift with a minimum spend.

  • Items at eye-line and easy reach

By positioning items at eye-line and in ease of reach for the customer, certain products appear more prominently.

This is usually what the retailer wants you to spend and are often not the "cheapest" items.

  • How you feel in the store

The design for a store will take into account the brand the company is trying to promote and how they want you to feel in store.

For instance, the scenting, music and sampling in order to create the right atmosphere.

  • Placing products near the checkout till

Retailers often put great value "pick ups" at the tills - the aim is to get you to spend more money.

By putting the products in prominent places around the store, especially if they're great value items, you might associate that with the brand generally.

  • Some fashion retailers believe that less is more

If they keep stock low, your subconscious might tell you to grab it now in your size, before it’s gone.

Classic methods such as the idea of a trolley or a basket at the entrance is to get you to fill it. Credit: PA
  • Selling items together

This is not just about suggesting outfits to you - retailers hopes that you might pick up the shirt, suit and shoes which are matched together on displays and mannequins.

  • Events

Events thankfully have become more interesting than a cheese and wine late night opening.

From DJ’s to makeovers, food sampling and classes - retailers are investing in fun activities to attract more customers.

  • Bespoke interactive experiences

New West End, a business management consultant company in London, said they have seen a huge shift towards experience in retail.

Department stores and shops are adding experiential retail into their stores to attract shoppers and encourage them to dwell longer.

Some examples of this include:

  • Selfridges skate bowl in the men’s department

  • Foot Locker’s Xbox Experience Zone

  • Zara’s AR app to enable visualisation of clothes on a person

  • Lush’s underground spa

  • Alexander McQueen’s design studio

  • Classic methods

The old ones are the best - the idea of a trolley or a basket at the entrance is to get you to fill it.

The more comfortable you are at gathering purchases, the more you spend and the longer you will stay.