Ann Widdecombe to stand for Brexit Party in European elections

Ann Widdecombe is set to stand as a candidate for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, claiming "it is a farce we are in this position".

The 71-year-old says she will vote Conservative in the upcoming local elections but will stand for the former Ukip leader's new political party in the European elections.

Widdecombe retired from her role as an MP in 2010, having served the constituency of Maidstone and The Weald since 1987.

The former Tory shadow home secretary told ITV News: "We are in a very, very stupid position, Parliament has put us there and this is the only way that we can send a message to say 'get on with it'."

Ann Widdecombe has more recently appeared on reality TV shows. Credit: PA

She insisted it's not true the party has no other policies but said their desire to leave the EU was key for the European elections.

She added: "I haven't said we haven't got any other policies. I've said we've got one strong policy which is our raison d'etre, which is we want to leave Europe.

"We do not believe that Europe should be meddling in these other affairs, now that is our policy - that's why I'm standing in the European elections."

Boris Johnson's sister Rachel will stand in the south-west as a Change UK candidate. Credit: PA

Since retiring in 2010 she has appeared on a number of reality TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother, finishing runner-up in the latter in 2018.

Also standing in the south-west region is Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel, who will stand for Change UK, the pro-remain party set up by The Independent Group.

Those wishing to stand in the European elections have until Wednesday evening to declare that they are standing.

As well as the Brexit Party and Change UK, the Conservatives, Labour, the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and Ukip are all expected to field, or have already announced they will put forward, candidates.

The parties standing in the South West.