A row over [Huawei’s role in the UK](http://Why has PM defied several ministers and key allies by giving Huawei 5G contract?) is among a variety of front page stories on Thursday.

The US National Security Agency has warned that allowing Huawei to supply technology for Britain’s new 5G network is like handing China a “loaded gun”, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The Times says a leak of secret discussions on Huawei between the prime minister, senior ministers and intelligence agency heads has caused outrage among spy chiefs and led to calls for an inquiry.

The Daily Mail leads with warnings from the United Nations’ World Health Organisation over screen time for toddlers.

Unicef has warned nearly 170 million children under 10 – including half a million in the UK – are unprotected from measles, The Guardian reports.

A G4S driver stole £1million from his cash-in-transit van, The Sun reports.

A friend of murdered TV presenter Jill Dando has given an account of finding her dead body to the Daily Mirror.

The Daily Express leads with a backlash against plans to take free TV licences off the elderly.

And the Financial Times leads with a report on a German payment company.