‘Fare-dodging’ snake removed from bus

The snake was returned to its owner Credit: McGill’s Buses/PA

A “fare-dodging” snake had to be removed from a bus after alarming passengers.

McGill’s Buses posted an image of the reptile slithering along a window ledge on its service in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

The pet is said to have escaped from a passenger’s bag on Friday.

McGill’s said on Facebook: “Our Inspector Mick removing a fare dodging ‘passenger’ from a bus in Paisley yesterday.

“Now safely back with its owner but we hope it ‘adder’ good time.”

Bus inspector Mick McArthur removed the 'passenger' from the bus. Credit: Facebook/McGill’s Buses

Bus inspector Mick McArthur was pictured with the pet, believed to be a corn snake, safely in a bag.

The creature was reunited with its owner after a phone call to lost property.

Ralph Roberts, McGill’s managing director, told the BBC News website: “Mick took one look at it and said he thought it was just a corn snake.

“He lifted it up and kept it safe before it could upset any of the passengers.”