Second referendum part of cross-party Brexit talks, says David Lidington

Conservative MP David Lidington has confirmed that the prospect of a confirmatory referendum has been discussed as part of the cross-party Brexit talks.

Labour policy is to have a second referendum on any agreed Brexit deal but Mr Lidington is cool on the idea.

"We've always known this is part of Labour's policy platform, so it's something I would have expected them to raise at these meetings and they have," Mr Lidington said when asked about a second referendum after Monday's talks.

"Equally, they know this is not something that is government policy and the last couple of time it has come before the House of Commons, it has been defeated."

Sue Hayman MP. Credit: Pool

Labour's team are looking to progress talks with the Conservative as they enter their fourth week but a so-called people's vote, would seem to be a sticking point.

"A public vote is on the agenda every time we meet and it will continue to do so and we're exploring ways in which we can work with the government on this," Sue Hayman MP explained.