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'Syrian Breakthrough' exhibition shows Russia spoils of war

Russia is taking a novel approach to show the impact of war to its citizens.

A train carrying the spoils of conflict is travelling around the country, allowing Russians to see the military vehicles, rockets, artillery weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles captured in Syria.

Crowds have gathered across the country to greet the train. Credit: AP

The exhibition named 'Syrian Breakthrough' started its journey in Moscow in February and will travel 30,000km as part of a 60-city tour.

Vladimir Pakov, a military official for Nizhny Novgorod, said upon the train's arrival in the region: "With this exhibition, we are showing that peace is very fragile and only our unity and strong military forces are able to defend our independence and sovereignty of our country and prevent the spread of terrorism and its penetration into our country."

Russia has been a key ally for Syria's President Bashar Assad. Thanks to military support from Russia, Assad's armed forces have regained control

Children are shown the array of guns and vehicles. Credit: AP

With their military assistance, his forces have regained control of most of the territory previously held by rebels during the civil war.

Parents take their children to see the array of vehicles and weapons, too, meaning it is a family day out.

ladimir Galitsky, resident of Yaroslavl, said: "We decided to show children what and how the war happens, what our military personnel have to encounter. It was interesting to look at what the military are fighting because on TV it is not that obvious."