European elections 'will be carnage for Labour and Conservatives'

The Conservatives and Labour Party will face "carnage" at the upcoming European elections - which will be won by Nigel Farage's Brexit Party - according to ITV News Election Analyst Professor Colin Rallings.

Following Thursday's local election results, Professor Rallings said the country's two main political will suffer again at the ballot box on May 23, as voters are expected to turn against them over their handling of Brexit.

The Conservatives have been the local elections' biggest losers so far, with Labour failing to capitalise, with more results still to be announced today.

Professor Rallings said: "The elections on the May 23 are probably going to be carnage for Conservatives and for Labour, much worse than we maybe thought beforehand.

Jeremy Corbyn has been in Trafford today, celebrating his party's win in Trafford. Credit: PA

"Leavers will now flock to Nigel Farage's party - it's very likely it will win the most votes across the country."

However Professor Rallings issued a word of warning about the Liberal Democrats' success.

Despite performing well in the local elections, Professor Rallings said the fractured vote on the Remain side means they may struggle to break through in a crowded field, which sees Change UK and the Greens also campaigning to stay in the EU.

Theresa May acknowledged the local elections proved to be a Credit: PA

Professor Rallings said: "On the Remain side, the problem they've got is that there is a number of parties chasing that Remain vote.

He added: "In the way that the Euro votes are counted, if you have lots of parties getting a relatively small share of the vote, it doesn't help as much as if they managed to coalesce a collation saying 'if you want to vote Remain, vote for us together', as then you might get somewhere."