Local elections 2019: Voters spoil ballots in anger at Conservatives and Labour's Brexit stance

Voters have taken to social media to share photographs of their spoiled ballots. Credit: Twitter/ Mickey Dizzl

Disillusioned voters have spoiled their ballots in protest at both Labour and the Conservatives' handling of Brexit.

Dozens of Remainers and Brexiteers voted for none of the options on their ballots in anger at how Britain's departure from the EU was being handled.

Despite the elections being contested at a local level, national politics dominated the agenda for many on the doorsteps.

People have shared photographs of their spoiled ballots on social media, with many demanding the government follows through with its promise to deliver on the 2016 referendum.

However some Remainers were equally as angry at the government, with a number calling for Brexit to be cancelled or demanding another vote.

Spoiled ballots are counted as part of the official election results, and a number of people have used their vote as a way of getting their dissatisfaction across.

DTWLes wrote on social media: "After the #BrexitBetrayal none of the main political parties represent me.

"I will support the @brexitparty_uk in the EU elections, but until then a spoiled ballot paper was the only option."

Another wrote: "(Never spoiled a ballot paper in the past and I’ve always voted Tory) The next time I vote it will be for ⁦@brexitparty_uk."

Kate Wilton, who wants to Remain in the EU, tweeted: "Well just voted. Unfortunately had to spoil my ballot paper as only Tory, Labour or UKIP. Although crossing through it and writing Stop Brexit was quite therapeutic."

Both the main parties have suffered in the polls today, with both Labour and the Conservative suffering losses throughout the country.

In contrast, the Liberal Democrats were enjoying a good night, with some predictions that they could pick up as many as 500 seats.

The Greens and the Independents have also picked up seats in what has been a difficult night for Labour and the Conservatives.

So far, more than 100 councils have declared results with another 140 more remaining.