'We don't want you': Theresa May heckled as she reacts to 'difficult' local election results

This is the moment the Prime Minister was heckled during a speech to Conservative members, with shouts for her to "resign".

Theresa May was disrupted at the Welsh Tory party conference as results of the Local Elections in England and Northern Ireland continued to come in.

Following her party's poor performance in the polls, the heckler shouted "Why don't you resign?" as she appeared on stage in Llangollen, north Wales, before the man was led away out of the hall.

Video footage shows Mrs May taking the affront in her stride, brushing off the shouts before addressing the room with a shrug and 'Good afternoon' in Welsh.

The heckler caused a stir before being led away from the conference. Credit: ITV Wales

The heckler, a member of Clwyd South Conservative member Stuart Davies, acted as Boris Johnson’s agent when he fought Clwyd South at the 1997 general election.

But he told ITV Wales his protest was "not about trying to get Johnson to replace May".

Describing that election battle, Mr Davies said: "I fought Clwyd South and Clwyd South fought back".

Conservative member Stuart Davies called for Theresa May to resign. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA Wire/PA Images

Speaking on Friday, Mrs May told the conference: "This is a difficult time for our party and these results are a symptom of that.

"We have the privilege of governing our party at a momentous time and we have the responsibility to deliver something truly historic.

"What is momentous and historic is seldom simple and straightforward. But I think there was a simple message from yesterday's elections, to both us and the Labour party - just get on and deliver Brexit."