The traditional Beltain Festival heralds the start of summer and sees thousands of visitors flock to the Celtic celebration.

Held at Buster Ancient Farm in Waterlooville, Hampshire the event marks the start of summer with music, dancing and the burning of the giant Wickerman.

Organisers said the event drew a sell-out crowd, as visitors enjoyed Morris dancing, axe-throwing, live folk music and Anglo-Saxon re-enactors.

People attach messages and wishes to the giant wickerman Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA
Notes were attached to the Wickerman, which was burned at the festival. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA
Volunteers help add the finishing touches to the wickerman. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA
The Hook Eagle Morris Dancers perform during the Beltain Festival. Credit: PA
The Celtic celebration, at Butser Ancient Farm, marks the beginning of summer. Credit: PA
One of the people in attendance smiles as he gets his face painted. Credit: PA
Visitors were encouraged to keep warm on a chilly evening Credit: PA
Members of the Pentacle Drummers perform in front of the burning wickerman Credit: PA
Crowds look on as the wickerman is set alight. Credit: PA
People bang on drums as they watched the wooden structures burn. Credit: PA
Organisers said the event drew a sell-out crowd. Credit: PA
The Celtic event is meant to mark the start of the summer. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA
People taking videos of the burning wickerman at the event on Saturday. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA