'Donald Trump' robber unmasked in raid on shopping centre in Australia

A robber's smash and grab raid at an Australian shopping centre was undermined when his Donald Trump mask slipped off during the brazen break-in.

Queensland Police were aided in their search for the man when his presidential protection fell while grabbing goods at an electronics shop in Strathpine shopping centre near Brisbane.

The man, who appeared in his 20s, had been captured on security camera video - with the block-blond-hair mask still in-tact - smashing the window of a jewellers early on Sunday.

After grabbing a fistful of items on display he moved on to the electrical goods, which is when his identity was undermined.

A third section of footage showed him clearly unmasked as he moved his loot into brown paper bags before rushing off.

Aided by a pretty clear view of the robber, police have appealed for help in capturing him.

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