'I’ve had about two hours’ sleep': Prince Harry basks in joy of becoming a new dad as he lets his guard down off camera

The Duke of Sussex speaking at Windsor Castle Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

It is the moment every prospective father anticipates, but nothing can prepare a new dad for the birth of their first child – and the Duke of Sussex was no exception.

Harry was left overjoyed by wife Meghan giving birth to their son, and could hardly contain his joy and excitement at the arrival of his child when he gave a live television statement.

The Bank Holiday Monday royal baby excitement had begun with media reporting just before 2pm the duchess had gone into labour.

But the news, confirmed by Buckingham Palace, was hours old as the baby had been delivered in the early hours of the morning, a palace statement later said.

A hastily arranged live press conference to announce the good news saw a small group of media ushered into the grounds of Windsor Castle, and as they passed the duke, chatting with an aide, he immediately looked up smiling and waved hello.

He appeared like any other proud father ready to tell his friends in the pub that he had become a dad.

The self-confessed big kid was now a father to his own kid – a role Meghan has already said her husband will excel at.

A few minutes later, the casually dressed duke walked into Windsor Castle’s royal mews with his hands in his pockets, still smiling, and was happy to be directed where to stand and seemed interested in the setting chosen.

Horses were stabled just a few feet behind him, looking out at the events unfolding in front of them.

The duke told the world: “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but we’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful to all the love and support from everybody out there. It’s been amazing, so we just wanted to share this with everybody.”

The Duke of Sussex speaking at Windsor Castle Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

At one point Harry looked behind him at the stables while on camera, and later when sharing a joke with the press and his staff poked fun at the location, asking about the horses called George and Sir John – “were they both in the background?”

After his public announcement, he was congratulated by the press who shook Harry’s hand in turn and the duke seemed beside himself with glee – ready to tell everyone his good news again.

Away from the cameras his relaxed, easy going demeanour revealed the duke was still on a high after witnessing the miracle of childbirth, but confessed “I’ve had about two hours’ sleep”.

The duke even apologised about the short notice for the press conference and joked with a cameraman who said sorry for not wearing a tie, telling him “you’re a cameraman, you can get away with it”.

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