CCTV footage has emerged appearing to show suspected serial rapist and kidnapper Joseph McCann evading police, just hours before he was arrested.

The dramatic video, obtained by ITV News, shows the suspect jumping over a fence, after crashing his car, and hiding in a back garden while a police car patrolled the housing estate.

Joseph McCann has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a series of abductions and attacks. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Moments after the police car passes a house, the suspect then emerges from behind a car and runs.

After his near-miss with police the fugitive, wanted in connection with seven incidents spanning five different counties, ended up about two miles away from where the footage was filmed.

It is thought McCann crashed his car before fleeing on foot and hiding in gardens. Credit: ITV News

He hid up a tree on Sunday evening and was arrested in Cheshire in the early hours of Monday morning.

The 34-year-old, who police had described as "extremely dangerous", was originally wanted in connection to the rape and abduction of two women in London and one in Watford.

The manhunt brought police to north west England over the weekend and officers are now questioning McCann over four other incidents which allegedly occurred in that area.

The suspect emerged from a driveway moments after a police patrol car drove past. Credit: ITV News

Alleged victims include an 11-year-old boy who was reportedly raped, two 14-year-old girls allegedly abducted and a 71-year-old woman.

It is believed the attacks on 12 victims occurred between April 21 and March 5 in Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, London and Hertfordshire.

Describing the incidents as "grotesque and appalling", Commander Simon Rose said the force is relieved he has now been detained, adding that "England is a safer place".

He said it is "impossible" to know whether there are further victims, but the force has appealed for anyone else affected by McCann's actions to come forward.

He said it is "impossible" to know whether there are further alleged incidents but the force has appealed for potential victims to come forward.

McCann is also suspected of abducting a 21-year-old woman at knifepoint in Watford in the early hours of April 21 and raping her. Credit: Metropolitan Police

He urged people who have been in contact with the suspect between February, when he was released from prison, and May to come forward.

Speaking outside Scotland Yard Mr Rose said: "I think we're exceptionally relieved that he's in custody and exceptionally grateful for the help and support we've had of so many members of the public in all the calls.

"These were and they are a grotesque and appalling series of offences that are thankfully exceptionally rare so it's extremely important that he is in custody and that England is a safer place."