Harry's 'new approach to masculinity' vs William's stiff manner: Expert compares baby announcements made by brothers

Prince Harry's announcement revealing the arrival of his baby son was gushing, enthusiastic and littered with colloquialisms.

There is only a two year age gap between him and William but they appear to be a world away in the way in which they revealed their new additions to the family, body language expert Mike Carter explains.

William used more formal words and stiff body language when he showcased Prince Louis to the world a year ago.

Mr Carter revealed Harry's stance with a live television statement on Monday is a reflection of ''a new approach to masculinity''. He appears to have taken after his mother, Diana, who was comfortable when engaging with the public.

William on the other hand is following in the footsteps of his father Charles and adhere's to ''our preconceived conceptions of what manhood is about.''

Prince William was much more formal when announcing the arrival of Prince Louis. Credit: PA

Hand and head gestures

Mr Carter said Harry's hand gestures are the first sign he is ''much more in touch with his generation.''

He said: ''He holds his hands much higher when talking about his new addition to the family.

''William and Charles have this habit of holding their hands much lower around their genitals and it's much more formal and unnatural. There is also a sense of wanting to cover himself up and protect himself.

''Harry is much more natural. His head is one side and that's much more appeasing and non-aggressive.

''William always keeps his head straight which is formal.''

William and Kate pose with Baby Louis on the steps outside St Mary's Hospital in London. Credit: PA
Harry grasps his hands high up against his heart. Credit: PA

Language reflects the different ways in which the brothers have embraced their masculinity

Mr Carter said Harry's choice of words describing his unnamed son as ''this little thing is absolutely to die for - I'm just over the moon'' are colloquial and discloses his desire to engage with the public.

He said: ''It means that he wants to engage with the public in a way that they would understand - it's much more sharing of an emotion and it's a new approach to masculinity.

''Harry is able to access his emotional side much more comfortably and easily than his brother.''

Leaving the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London last year with Prince Louis, William and the Duchess of Cambridge posed on the steps in a formal fashion.

William gave a stiff wave to the waiting media and fans but there were no exuberant hand gestures. He also kept his message brief. He said the couple were very happy and held up three fingers to joke by adding: ''thrice the worry now".

Mr Carter said: ''Everything to do with William is correct and proper, upright and according to protocol.

''William conforms to our preconceived conceptions of what manhood is about.''

The Prince and Princess of Wales leaving the hospital with Harry in September 1984 after his birth. Credit: PA

William takes after his father, Harry is following in Diana's footsteps

Harry is comfortable engaging with the public like his mother Diana, said Mr Carter, but William clearly feels the pressure of knowing that one day he will be King.

He said Harry is clearly ''not interested in doing the right thing or royal protocol".

"This is masculinity for today. Harry feels a greater sense of freedom.

''William is much more like his father when it comes to his mannerisms.

''It's also a reflection of his fear of saying the wrong thing and what his responsibilities are within the royal family - he wants to do things the right way."