Did Harry and Meghan choose the US network of their TV star friend for the photocall?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Credit: PA

Most people just want to see the pictures of the new Royal baby and won’t care how those images are filmed.

The pictures and filming with the new parents and the royal baby will be the first time he has been seen by the public.

But following the last minute inclusion of a TV camera from a US network at Wednesday’s photocall – what’s the truth in claims that Harry and Meghan selected the broadcaster themselves?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made clear from the outset that they wanted the minimum amount of publicity and maximum amount of privacy for the arrival of their first child.

That was always going to be a tricky path on which to walk given the couple’s international fame and the massive interest in the arrival of a new member of the Royal Family.

How the line of succession to the throne looks following the newest royal arrival. Credit: PA

The agreement was that a strictly limited number of cameras (one television camera and one photo camera) would be invited into Windsor Castle some time after the birth.

That is what is happening later on Wednesday.

For the UK broadcasters, ITV, BBC and Sky put their names into a hat/straws into a pot and Sky was selected as the pool broadcaster – and will distribute the images at the same time to every news organisation around the world.

However, on Tuesday, Buckingham Palace added a camera from the US network CBS to the pool.

It is the channel on which Meghan’s friend, Gayle King, is the anchor of the breakfast show – and the timings for today’s images will mean the little baby will be seen beamed across the US at breakfast time.

Gayle King leaves Meghan's baby shower in New York in February. Credit: AP

Gayle King was one of the selected friends invited to Meghan’s baby shower in New York recently – and the presenter was also in Windsor last week – in fact I spoke to her in one of Windsor’s busy hotels.

We also understand Gayle King visited Meghan and Harry at Frogmore Cottage days before the birth.

So was there a plan to help this US network because of the anchor’s connection to the Duchess?

I am told the US camera was – like the UK broadcasters – chosen at random, although I don’t know how that happened.

CBS TV anchor Gayle King reported on Harry and Meghan's wedding. Credit: PA

As CBS took the call from the Palace, some suspect the channel selected itself for the pool, but I’m told the other main US networks - NBC and ABC - were contacted.

The CBS anchor, Gayle King, is now back in New York and was presenting the show from there this week.

In any event, there is no CBS anchor or reporter at the photocall.

When Harry announced the birth of his son, there was only one reporter present. Credit: PA

Just as on Monday when Harry announced the arrival of his son, the only reporter there on Wednesday will be a much respected colleague of ours, Alan Jones, the Royal Correspondent from the Press Association.

As Alan proved on Monday, you could not chose a more fair and even handed person for Harry and Meghan to talk to.