'Archie is helping Britain to evolve': Nottingham Academy schoolchildren react to royal baby news

Prince Harry and Meghan introduced their newborn baby to the world for the first time in a photo call at Windsor Castle.

Among those keenly watching Wednesday's royal announcements were students at Nottingham Academy, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first official public engagement as a couple.

Some of the teenagers were even invited to the Sussexes royal wedding last year.

The schoolchildren told ITV News' Correspondent Rebecca Barry what the new baby means to them with one even saying Baby Archie is helping "Britain to evolve".

Other students commented on the royal baby's appearance adding: "I think he's going to have hazel eyes and smooth skin as well."

Meghan revisited Nottingham Academy to help mentor teenagers. Credit: Handout

Meghan even came back in private to help mentor a group of teenage girls.

Leonora Ncomanzi, one of the teenagers the duchess mentored, told ITV News she appreciated the duchess' visit.

"It was an amazing experience, just a once in the lifetime thing," the 14-year-old said.

She also attended the Sussexes royal wedding last year in May 2018.

Leonora Ncomanzi, who studies at Nottingham Academy, even attended Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding last year. Credit: Family handout

When seeing Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor for the first time Ms Ncomanzi said she was "so excited" before adding: "I am really happy for her and her being a role model towards me is just showing anything is possible."

Another student at Nottingham Academy praised the duchess for "evolving" Britain and the royal family.

Alexandros Vlachos, who grew up in Greece, said the Royal Family is catching up with modern England. Credit: ITV News

Alexandros Vlachos, who previously lived in Greece and couldn't speak a word of English five years ago, added: "Even though [the duchess] is not British, she has become what defines Britain, which is the royal family."

The teenager added: "It does kind of make it like Britain is evolving because the Royal Family usually consists of white British people, the Royal Family's catching up with modern England."

The Nottingham schoolchildren praise the Sussexes work and hope Master Archie will follow in his parents footsteps.