LA police seize more than 1,000 guns from home near Playboy Mansion

Los Angeles police have released images of more than 1,000 guns seized from a house in a wealthy area close to the Playboy Mansion.

In addition to finding such a large cache of guns, officers also discovered stacks of gun parts and thousands of bullets littered throughout numerous rooms.

A police officer at the scene said he had never seen so many weapons in his 31-year career and in such a well-to-do neighbourhood.

Officers seized more than a 1,000 weapons. Credit: KABC/AP

The raid on the multi-million dollar property in the affluent area of Holmby Hills, which borders Bel Air, took place on Wednesday after police were given an anonymous tip off regarding illegal firearms sales.

One man has been arrested in connection with the discovery of the weapons.

The haul also included gun parts and ammunition. Credit: KABC/AP

Officials say Los Angeles police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) searched the mansion's multiple rooms in the early hours of Wednesday.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Lieutenant Chris Ramirez told local TV station ABC7 that he had "never seen so many weapons in my career of 31 years.

"That's such a big arsenal in a residence like this, in this type of neighborhood.

"It's astounding."

A police officers at the scene said he had never seen so many weapons. Credit: KABC/AP

The weapons were described as a wide range of makes and models - assault weapons, rifles, shotguns and handguns - of different ages.

Many were modern and some went back 50 years or more.

A few were even collectibles that dated back to the Civil War.

LAPD Lt Ramirez said it is not illegal for someone to own a large collection of firearms, but he explained it is illegal to sell weapons from one's home without going through the extensively regulated state and federal processes.

An aerial view of the wealthy homes surrounding the mansion that was raided. Credit: KABC/AP