Assad regime intensifies assault on last Syrian rebel enclave

The fighting continues in the north western province of Idlib, Syria - the last remaining region under rebel control - as President Bashar al-Assad's Government tries to defeat those who oppose it.

The UN Security Council met on Friday to discuss reports of schools and hospitals being targeted in a new escalation of the fighting.

Idlib is being pummeled from land and air as a mixture of the original rebels and Jihadis, including Al-Qaida, are making their last stand in the region.

But stuck in the middle are many innocents who have nowhere left to run.

Many civilians are caught in the middle between rebels and Syrian forces.

"The images and the human cost are sickening familiar, as is the inability from the international community to stop the killing," ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports.

The white helmets are again in harms way and frequently playing with their lives in a bid to try and help others.

A a civil defense worker carrying a child after shelling hit a street in the town of Nairab, in the eastern province of Idlib, Syria. Credit: Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets/AP

One woman, who's still trapped by the bombing, spoke to ITV News anonymously and said: "We did nothing to deserve all this killing and all this suffering."

"I am wondering why the world is watching us dying and suffering without doing anything."

Juliette Touma, who works at UNICEF Middle East, is calling for an end to the war on innocents.

She said: "What is happening now is only an indication that children continue to come under attack in Syria and what is needed is to put an end to that war on children."

Of at least three million people trapped inside, half are thought to be refugees from elsewhere.