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Bros 'honoured' to be nominated for three Baftas for tell-all film

More than three decades after their first UK number one, Bros have been nominated for three Baftas.

Since fame the brothers, who formed a band with a friend which later split, have since been perusing their own careers - only recently coming back into the spotlight as a duo after the release of a feature film about their lives.

Bros: After the Screaming Stops has been nominated for three awards at Sunday night's ceremony - for specialist factual, editing factual and for best factual director.

Bros at the height of their fame more than 30 years ago. Credit: PA

The pair said it's "an honour" to be nominated for such a prestigious set of awards.

The film has received a cult following since its release last November - partly for the analogies the brothers make on camera.

The pair told ITV News about what it's like to fall out of fame and the impact it can have on stars - and the people around them.

"I think there's need for us to embrace compassion," said Luke.

"But also to understand people don't always know what they're getting into - they're used, they're fodder."

Speaking about reality TV, Matt added: "If you're aiming to be famous, as you said, with 15 minutes of fame - and those shows give you 15 minutes of fame - it's a very difficult world to be shown a slice of and then let go."

"I have a dear friend who actually travelled with us, my best friend actually, he was telling me recently he had a real problem.

"He suffered deeply because even just a touch of it, bombing around being in hotels and the jets, and when we would leave the country he said it was a very [difficult time]."

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