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Robert De Niro's Warburtons advert and six other surprising celebrity endorsements

Robert De Niro plugs 'GoodBagels' in the latest advert for baking firm Warburtons. Credit: PA

Robert De Niro has taken some time off the day job to star in an advert for a favourite British brand.

But it might not be what you expect from a major Hollywood star with two Oscars and a Golden Globe under his belt, as De Niro will be starring in an advertising campaign for...British bakers Warburtons.

The unlikely partnership sees the Goodfellas and Godfather actor take a leading role in a new TV advert for the bakers' bagels, entitled GoodBagels.

De Niro plays an amalgam of his gangster characters in the advert - set in Bolton - in which he and his accomplices attempt to thwart Warburtons' bagel sales in favour of their New York products.

But just like De Niro what other famous faces have fronted ad campaigns which have left viewers scratching their heads over the unlikely partnership? And who has offered their seal of approval for free?

De Niro and his fellow accomplices in the bagel ad. Credit: PA

While it's unclear how much the Hollywood heavyweight would have been paid, it's sure to be an offer he couldn't refuse.

Kevin Bacon - EE

Kevin Bacon has fronted the EE ad campaign for a number of years now, first lending his face to the small screen in 2012 to promote the roll-out of the mobile operator's 4G service.

The ad was inspired by the parlour game ‘Six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ - which says the actor can be connected to film and TV figures in just six steps or less.

Since then, he has featured in many adverts for the brand and most recently partakes in a game of squash while discussing the benefits of being with EE.

Snoop Dogg - Insurance comparison website

This one will have come as shock to the fans of American rapper Snoop Dogg who decided to put his face to a Money Supermarket ad.

A surprising pairing but the hip hop singer encourages the audience to save money and "feel epic" by using the price comparison website.

Johnny Rotten - Butter

No one would ever have put Sex Pistols front-man Johnny Rotten and butter together, but yet in 2008 we had just that.

Real name John Lydon cavorted around the British countryside to flog Country Life butter in a tweed suit, with the catch line 'it's not about Great Britain, it's about Great Butter.'

As far away from his punk days as you could get.

Iggy Pop - Car insurance

Another rocker, but this time selling car insurance, as Iggy Pop decided to front the Swiftcover insurance advert.

Appearing alongside a Spitting Image-esque puppet, the pair try to sell you car insurance but the end result was slightly unsettling.

Harvey Keitel - Direct Line

Perhaps De Niro took inspiration from his Taxi Driver co-star Mr Keitel when he said yes to Warburtons.

Keitel appears as his Pulp Fiction character Winston Wolfe in the Direct Line adverts.

He reprises 'The Wolf' character to sell insurance to clueless couples and families, as part of a £40 million television advertising campaign.

Bob Dylan - Victoria's Secret

American singer-songwriter decided his millions weren't enough, as he signed up his first and last commercial with Victoria's Secret.

The advert makes for slightly uncomfortable viewing as Dylan stalks a lingerie model in a deserted Venetian palazzo, eventually ending up wearing Dylan's cowboy hat.

But the ad shouldn't have come as a surprise to many, as he was asked in 1965 what would entice him to sell out.

His response - "ladies' undergarments."

But unlike those celebrities paid for their endorsements, one has bucked the trend and has given a shout out to a British firm for free.

Sarah Jessica Parker shared her love for key cutters and cobbler Timpson, in which she labelled it her "new favourite wee shop" following a visit to London to see her husband's, Matthew Broderick, new West End play.

In an Instagram post, the actress swooned about her latest British love: "Scenes from a rendezvous with a London working husband. Included among them my new favorite wee shop at Kensington High St tube station."