Pastor Lorraine Jones, who lost her son to knife crime, on turning her 'pain into power' by saving other lives

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"Turn pain into power" is the mantra of Lorraine Jones. The pastor lost her son Dwayne Simpson when he was just 20 - stabbed through the heart when he tried to save another boy's life in Brixton, south London.

Since his murder in 2014, one the ways that Lorraine has channelled her pain is by expanding the Dwaynamics boxing gym Dwayne set up to help young men avoid violence.

In this episode of our podcast Acting Prime Minister, ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand met Lorraine at the gym to hear what she'd do to save other lives as prime minister.

Paul Brand speaks to Lorraine Jones in the boxing gym her son Dwayne Simpson had set up to help young men avoid violence Credit: ITV News

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