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Spanish voters surge towards supporting far-right parties ahead of European elections

  • Video report by ITV News Europe Editor James Mates

For miles around, large swathes of plastic sheeting stretch out over an area of Spain. Its purpose is to protect crops - and it supports thousands of jobs.

The landscape here has changed so much that this sea of plastic is now visible from space. But as farmers prosper, it's a change in the area's political landscape which is causing concern.

In conditions exceeding 40C, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers pick the fruit and vegetables which feed millions of people across northern Europe.

It's hot, tiring and demanding work - and not a career choice for Spaniards, many of whom refuse to work on the farms.

The influx of migrant workers has caused concern in this region. As the European elections approach, it's a hot topic for candidates and voters alike.

Juan Jose Bonilla is standing for far-right party Vox. Credit: ITV News

One business owner, Juan Jose Bonilla, who employs migrant workers, is standing to be the mayor of his town.

He is representing Vox, a far-right anti-immigrant party enjoying success in the Iberian peninsula nation.

Last time Spanish voters went to the polls, the party won almost a third of votes.

He said: "Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, and that makes people feel unsafe."

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are employed in the area's farms. Credit: ITV News

He adds if the immigrants had to leave Spain, the farms would need to lower their production - but he doubts this will happen.

Just over 40 years on from the death of fascist dictator General Franco, memories are still fresh of life under a far-right leadership.

It was always doubted Spain would ever be part of the far-right nationalist surge in Europe, but that now it is turning into a reality.