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Supermarkets: Are You Saving Enough? - Tonight


Would you like to save a third on your weekly supermarket shop?

That’s what happened to mum of three Jennifer Gilmour when she volunteered for a supermarket challenge.

Jennifer took up the challenge for ‘Supermarkets: Are You Saving Enough?’ produced by ITV’s Tonight Series.

While Jennifer did her normal shop at her local Asda in Hull, reporter Fiona Foster bought the cheaper equivalent.

Tonight’s programme revealed a massive difference in price by going for the cheaper products.

The left half consists of Jennifer's usual weekly shop. The right - Fiona's low cost version. Credit: ITV / Tonight

Jennifer’s shop which was a mixture of brands and non-brands cost £132.25.

Fiona’s was only £87.48. That’s a saving of nearly £45. Put another way, a third cheaper.

Jennifer tells the programme that apart from the bread not going down very well, her hubby Rob and children Sophie, Riley and Robyn didn’t notice a difference.

Jennifer did resort to subterfuge by putting the cheaper cereal in the branded cereal boxes.

She says: “I was pretty happy with it. Nobody thought any different. Nobody had a clue.”

Credit: ITV / Tonight

Caroline Bloor, Consumer Affairs Director at Good Housekeeping, tells the programme:

"My advice would be, to look at your shopping list, look at the stuff you buy regularly, and think, can I swap out a couple of those for cheaper non branded products, every week, without the family noticing.

Don't tell them you're doing it. Because although it may only be a little bit, every week, and actually, cumulatively, as your shopper found, it really adds up over the course of a year.”

– Caroline Bloor, Consumer Affairs Director at Good Housekeeping

The programme also looks at other ways of saving money when you shop, including shopping at one of the discounters, using coupons, looking at the various smartphone cashback apps that are now available, and entering product competitions.

It also visits Milton Keynes, some of who’s citizens have the benefit of shopping delivery robots to improve the convenience of shoppers.

Credit: Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies, which runs the robots, is hoping to expand the scheme into more of Milton Keynes, then next year onto university campuses.

It eventually wants to spread into other towns across the UK.

You can watch 'Supermarkets: Are You Saving Enough?' on ITV tonight at 7:30pm.