Sam Renke: How my body has made me a better person

Point of View is an ITV News series where we invite people to share their life experiences and what they've learned from them.

Sam Renke said she wasn't aware her body was different to most until other people started treating her differently.

From being snubbed for child sleepovers to patronised as a high-flying student, she was forced to develop a thick skin over her brittle bones.

The actress and disability campaigner - and proud "northern girl" - is well known for her bubbly and positive persona.

But here Sam talks more intimately, about how she has dealt with feeling alienated - even within the family home - and facing the regular negative stereotypes of wheelchair users.

Sam also shares her biggest regret growing up as she explains how she has come to love her body - and why she believes it's made her a better person.

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