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The reason this children's cartoon was banned in one US state

Alabama banned an episode of Arthur because it featured a same-sex wedding. Credit: PA

Alabama Public Television (APT) has chosen not to air an episode of children's cartoon Arthur because it included a same-sex wedding.

The first episode of the 22nd series of the show, which is also broadcast in the UK, showed Arthur's teacher Mr Ratburn marrying Patrick the aardvark.

Mr Ratburn And The Special Someone aired across America on May 13 and shows Arthur and his friends attending the wedding of his teacher and partner, but APT showed a re-run instead.

Arthur is shown on CBBC in the UK and follows the everyday adventures of Arthur, an eight-year-old Aardvark, and his friends, set in the fictional Elwood City. reported that APT director of programming Mike McKenzie defended the decision by saying parents trust their children can watch the station without supervision.

He said children "younger than the 'target' audience" might watch Arthur.

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The station had previously pulled an episode of Arthur in 2005 when Buster, a bunny character, visited a girl who had two mothers.

Misty Souder, a substitute teacher from McCalla, Alabama, said she is disappointed.

She said she is using this to teach her nine-year-old daughter about the importance of standing up for minority groups.

Alabama has banned almost all abortions, including in cases of rape or incest, after the law was voted through by the Republican-dominated Alabama Senate.