Brexit: What happens next? Theresa May sets out 10-point compromise package

Theresa May has set out a 10-point compromise package Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

The Prime Minister Theresa May has set out a 10-point compromise package ahead of what she indicated would be her final attempt to secure approval for a deal which has already been rejected three times by MPs.

What’s new in the PM’s new deal?

She is committing to a vote on whether to hold another referendum, as well as pledging to maintain workers’ rights and environmental protections. MPs will also be offered a choice over the UK’s future customs arrangements.

Does it stand any better chance than her previous attempts?

Not really. MPs appear unlikely to compromise, as both Remain and Leave sides sense victory could be near.

Leave and Remain protesters outside the Houses of Parliament. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

What do MPs think of it?

The reaction from many Tory Brexiteers who backed her deal last time has been to say they will not support her this time. Meanwhile, the Labour MPs she was trying to woo appear to be unmoved.

What happens if it finally gets through?

Mrs May has pledged to stand down as Tory leader if the deal passes, and a leadership contest would begin, with Boris Johnson currently the favourite to replace her.

Boris Johnson is the favourite to replace Theresa May. Credit: Gareth Harmer/National Lottery Community Fund/PA

What happens if it doesn’t?

She has also promised to set out a departure timetable to the 1922 backbenchers’ committee following its defeat. This is likely to include leaving before June 15, when grassroots members want to change party rules to allow another no confidence vote in her leadership.

Sir Graham Brady is chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA