• Video report by ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie

A series of violent tornadoes have left a trail of destruction after they ripped through the US state of Oklahoma.

In scenes which could be taken from a apocalyptic disaster film, tornadoes lined up as they struck a course across Canadian county in the mid-west state.

Whilst the worst of the storms appears to have subsided, a threat remains.

On Tuesday, the biggest threat overnight appeared to be flash flooding from torrential rains that accompanied the storms, forecasters said. Heavy rainfall hit the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, and many vehicles became stuck on flooded streets.

The tornadoes have wreck havoc across the area they have passed through. Credit: Brian Emfinger / LSM / AP

The National Weather Service had warned that Monday evening could bring perilous weather to a large swath of western Texas, most of Oklahoma and southern Kansas. The storm was expected to move into western Arkansas throughout the week.

It is thought more than four million people live in the path of the storms, potentially putting lives and property in danger.

Tensions are high in the region as the sixth anniversary of a tornado which took the lives of 24 people approaches.

Flash flooding has been a significant problem in the state. Credit: AP

Schools have been closed as authorities issue warnings to people living in the area of what to do in the event of them finding themselves in the path of a violent storm.

Residents are advised to take shelter in specially constructed tornado proof buildings and to wear helmets when a storm approaches.