Banksy reveals new artwork detailing Venice's problem with cruise ships

Street artist Banksy has unveiled a new installation in the Italian city of Venice, bringing into spotlight the plight of the city's residents against the enormous cruise ships which dock in its canals.

The artwork shows a large ship floating in the city's Grand Canal, surrounded by the Bridge of Sighs and outraged men steering gondola.

Venice has long suffered with such large ships calling in its waters - for many it's a double edged sword.

The artwork captures a huge cruise ship docked in the middle of Venice. Credit: Banksy

Whilst Venice's economy thrives on tourism, the disruption throngs of sightseers - and the vessels which bring them to port - causes for the daily life of Venetians is monumental.

The artwork appears to have resonated with locals, filmed in the short video posted on Banksy's YouTube channel they can be seen laughing and nodding in agreement with the images in front of them.

Local police can also be seen in the video attempting to move the artist and his artwork, titled Venice in Oil, away from the city's iconic St Mark's Square.

A man looks at the artwork documenting the problems with the city's popularity. Credit: Banksy

Venice's success is also it's failure - millions visit the city every year, for the people who call it home that is too many.

Some Venetians feel so strongly about the situation there have even been seaborne protest against cruise ships but so far they have had no effect.

But visitors mean jobs - in hospitality and in infrastructure. Venice's Port Authority does very well from the industry employing 11% of the cities workforce.

Banksy's artwork promises to bring to port the problems the city faces.