'I wake up to death threats': TOWIE's Bobby Norris reveals abuse as he campaigns to make online homophobia a crime

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Reality TV star Bobby Norris says he 'wakes up to death threats' and the online abuse he receives has got worse since he started a campaign to make online homophobia a hate crime.

Bobby, who appears in ITV's The Only Way Is Essex, set up a petition which has received nearly 140,000 signatures. It will be debated in Parliament in July.

Speaking on the ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister, Bobby revealed to ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand some of the shocking abuse he receives on social media.

"I can't believe the hatred and vileness of people on social media.

"[It's got] to the point as extreme as I'm waking up now and getting death threats...I've been told to go burn in a fire and die.

"It's always so specific. There's one person who wants to stab me with an 11-inch knife, and this morning I wake up and it's an 8-inch machete. I'm thinking, where do we draw the line here, that this just isn't right?"

Asked about the welfare of those who appear on reality TV programmes after the death of a guest who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle show, Bobby said the support he's received on TOWIE is 'very good'.

"I've had nothing but support. I've had a psychiatrist's number on my phone - I can call him anytime. We have regular chats, regular meetings face-to-face.

"It's heartbreaking when you hear these things but I think it's maybe a little bit harsh to blame it just on reality TV."

Having developed a taste for campaigning and encouraged by the success of his petition, would Bobby swap reality TV for a career in politics? His answer: "Never say never."

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