Everything you need to know about European Elections 2019 polling day but were too embarrassed to ask

Europe is heading to the polls to elect new representatives for the European Parliament. Elections will be staggered over the coming days, with results finally released on Sunday evening.

Millions of Britons are expected to cast their vote in the ballot but what exactly are the rules of the polling station? Are you allowed to bring your pet? And is that sneaky selfie illegal?

Here we set out to answer all your election day questions:

  • Can I take my dog into a polling station? Are dogs allowed outside polling stations?

Dogs are allowed in polling stations - if the building allows animals inside.

There are no specific laws banning dogs from the inside of polling stations - but they must behave in an orderly manner.

Some polling stations may not allow dogs inside as a matter of routine. For example, a leisure centre which hosts polling booths but normally bans pets is under no obligation to let a dog come inside the building.

Many people take advantage of this, with a photos of dogs outside polling stations often trending on social media on election days.

The Election Commission confirmed to ITV News voters are allowed to take other animals inside polling stations, should the venue allow them to do so.

  • What time are the polling stations open?

In the UK, polling stations open at 7am on the 23 May 2019.

They will stay open until 10pm on the same day.

You can find out where you are able to cast your vote using this link. You are only able to vote if you have registered to do so in advance.

  • Can I take a selfie inside a polling station?

Europe will head to the polls over the coming day for the European elections. Credit: PA

The Electoral Commission confirmed to ITV News: "Taking photos inside a polling station may be a breach of the law so we always advise against selfies in polling stations."

Bearing that in mind, it's probably best to hold back on revealing who got the vote of your choice until after you've left the building.

  • Can I post on social media about who I voted for?

Yes, it's absolutely fine to do so.

Official rules state so long as there are no pictures from inside the polling station, voters are allowed to say online who they voted for.

Political parties are likely to use online platforms to encourage voters to head out and vote for them. The Electoral Commission said in a statement that campaigning on polling day is allowed.

However, you won't see any polls in broadcast media about how each party is thought to have fared in the election until the whole of Europe has voted. As the election period stretches over several days, it is against the law to publish such data until after the last ballot has been cast.

That means voters should have a clear picture on Sunday as to how parties have performed - or failed to do so.

Polling stations will be open on Thursday 23rd May 2019. Credit: PA
  • Can I vote drunk?


Polling station staff cannot refuse a voter simply because they are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Only if the voter is disruptive will they be asked to return when they have sobered up.

  • Do you have to talk to polling station staff?

Voters need to confirm their name and address before they can be handed a ballot paper.

To prevent duplication of votes, polling station staff will closely monitor who is coming in and out of the station - to ensure nobody casts a vote they are not entitled to.

There is no requirement for voters to show their face when they are in the polling station.

You are allowed to vote after you've had a drink. Credit: PA
  • Can I wear a political t-shirt or political slogan inside the polling station?

Voters wearing political slogans are permitted to enter and cast their vote but should not stay after voting.

They should not talk to others in the polling station, the Electoral Commission said.

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