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'You had one job': Fans mock statue depicting George Best

The bronze statue of George Best has left many scratching their heads. Credit: PA

A statue depicting George Best has been unveiled in his hometown of Belfast – however, the sculpture of the football great has been met with some scepticism on the Twittersphere.

The Manchester United and Northern Ireland star has been cast in bronze in the shadow of Windsor Park, the stadium he graced so many times for his national side.

Unveiled on Wednesday – on what would have been Best’s 73rd birthday – the sculpture captures the footballer dribbling with the ball.

However, the statue has drawn some criticism from football fans on social media, as many believe it looks nothing like the Belfast boy.

Many were not convinced the statue and Best looked anything alike. Credit: PA

Iain Cooke wrote: “Loving the new statue of George Best at Windsor Park, who did they base it on cause it certainly wasn't him!”

Some people believed the statue depicted an undead warlock from World of Warcraft, more than Best himself.

While others believed it looked more like Pat Jennings, Best’s Northern Ireland teammate who unveiled the statue.

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But Jennings seemed to appreciate the sculpture himself as he revealed it to the public, alongside Best's sister Barbara McNarry.

He described Best as an "unbelievable and incredible" player.

"We look at world class players and the Messi's of today - that was George in his day. Nobody could touch him," he told the crowds.

Some football fans thought the sculpture looked more like Jennings than it did Best. Credit: PA

Best’s statue will not be the only one to go down in history for leaving fans a little puzzled over who it is suppose to depict.

What about Cristiano Ronaldo’s bronze bust which showed his wide-tooth grin – this one prompted so much outrage it had to be replaced.

Ronaldo's statue had to be replaced when it faced widespread criticism. Credit: AP

And who could forget Mo Salah’s statue of a very large head on a very small body as he celebrates scoring a goal with his arms out wide.

Many people believe it looked more like Art Garfunkel, Arsène Wenger or even Marv the burglar from Home Alone than it did Saleh.

Is that you Salah? Or is that Marv from Home Alone..? Credit: AP

The attempt to immortalise legend Diego Maradona was also ridiculed for not depicting the Argentine, but the footballer himself was happy enough.

Maradona was happy enough with his bronze statue. Credit: AP

French footballer Zinedine Zidane was shown a red card after headbutting Italian midfielder Marco Materazzi in the chest in the 2006 World Cup final.

However, football fans were perplexed to see this particular episode and perhaps not another of Zidane's standout moment immortalised in a statue.

Zidane's infamous headbutt in statue form. Credit: AP

It’s not just footballers who have gained unfavourable attention from their statues, as Andy Murray proved when he had to unveil the sculpture of him dressed as a Chinese warrior.

He posed next to the statue, which was double his size, and seemed unfazed by the depiction...

Andy Murray and his statue in China - can you see the resemblance? Credit: AP