Weather for the weekend: Fun in the sun or a Bank Holiday washout?

What's the forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend? Credit: PA

With highs near 23C (73F) or more today it's looking like a promising start to the late May Bank Holiday weekend. Don't be fooled by apps and websites being too pessimistic!

We can expect the best of the sunshine and warmth on Saturday, with highs of 23C to 24C (73F to 75F) possible again - higher temperatures than Monaco will see as the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifiers take place.

As has been the case the last few days, there will be some pleasant late spring sunshine and decent temperatures.

There may be some hit and miss showers in the south, but they will be few and far between.

On Sunday, more cloud will move in, bringing some patchy rain slipping from north to south - but many areas will escape that and stay dry most of the day and I'm still optimistic of some sunny spells and highs of 21C to 22C (70F to 72F).

If you are hit by one of the showers, don't worry - the days are long enough at this time of year for the weather to sort itself out. With almost 15 hours of daylight and long light evenings, there's always time for skies to clear!

For Bank Holiday Monday, it's a different story at this stage I'm afraid, with some rogue and scattered hefty downpours and temperatures down a few degrees as fresher air moves in.

That said, many areas will get away a lot of dry weather.