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How Europe voted as 400 million people headed to the polls

  • Video report by ITV News Political Editor James Mates

As the polls closed across Europe, candidates took a deep breath as they prepared for what was to be a turbulent night.

The biggest democratic vote in the Western world saw more than 400 million electors in 28 countries head to the polls.

When results came in throughout Sunday night, there was one very clear message: the days of the traditional parties of centre left and centre right dominating the politics of Europe are coming to an end.

Across the EU, 50.5% of voters turned out to make their voices heard. For the first time ever, turn out went up. As many as 61% of voters went to the polls in Germany.

It was when the results of the UK vote came in, it became clear that on a smaller scale the same pattern of a changing political landscape was being seen everywhere.

Matteo Salvini remains adamant there is a better future in store for Europe.

Polarisation and fragmentation were the words of the evening at national right parties took their positions and the Greens and Liberals surged at the expense of social democrats and conservatives.

Alongside the success of the Brexit Party, some of the biggest parties in Brussels will be the euro-skeptics including France's Marine Le Pen and the right wingers of Italian party Lega.

Leader Matteo Salvini said: "Some have denied the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe, I was mocked just because I'm trying to prove there is a better future that whats European bureaucrats and bankers have prepared for us so far," he said, reaffirming his crusade to save Europe.

And for Brexit? Pro-European voices have been strengthened, and they remain adamant of keeping the UK within the European Union.