Dominic Raab on Brexit, Boris Johnson, feminism, and changing gender

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Dominic Raab has revealed he is not a feminist and can't remember the last time he cried, as well as his views on Brexit and leaving the EU with or without a deal, as he made his case for the Tory leadership.

The MP for Esher and Walton welcomed ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand into his family home after saying he wants to replace Theresa May as party leader.

Speaking on ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister, the former Brexit secretary underlined his strong position on leaving the EU, saying had he been "backed up and not undermined" while in government an acceptable deal could have been achieved.

"There were various moments between July and October where I made it clear that we need to stick to a more robust line on the backstop," Mr Raab said.

He added: "I think if I'd have been backed up then and not undermined by others in Government we'd have had a much better chance of getting a deal over the line acceptable to the UK and capable of passing through Parliament."

Mr Raab also revealed a more personal side during the chat, opening up about his father's death, but stressed he is not an emotional person.

In fact, when asked about the last time he cried, the MP began his answer with "oh God".

After some pondering he said: "I'm not someone that bursts into tears but I can tell you we wept when my father died, my mum's been through cancer twice.

"I think those were moments when of course I was very choked up but we've also got the stubborn optimism to pull through."

Also in the podcast Mr Raab describes himself as a "champion of equality and meritocracy," but when asked if was a feminist he replied, with a smile, "no, probably not".

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