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Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur fans descend on Madrid ahead of Champions League final

  • Video report by ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith

Tens of thousands of football fans have already arrived in Madrid for Saturday's Champions League Final, with or without tickets.

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur supporters have travelled from across the world - making their way by plane, train and car - getting there however they can.

Simon Wilson and his friends couldn’t afford the flight ticket to Madrid so they pitched in and bought a car for £40.

Nearly 1,300 miles later and they finally reached the Spanish capital in their old banger on Friday.

Simon Wilson and his friends bought a car for £40 so they could travel to Madrid. Credit: ITV News

Some of those who have got tickets have also been forced to make big sacrifices and travel by any means necessary to see the final.

Iwan Jones said: "Problem is, I'm in Croatia on a family holiday with my very understanding wife who has allowed me to venture to Madrid via a ferry, a taxi and two flights to see Spurs lift the trophy at 10pm tomorrow night."

He then chanted: "Come on you Spurs!"

Spurs fan Stephen Donnelly said: "I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up in the morning thinking about it and I go to work thinking about it."

Despite not having a ticket for the match, Mr Donnelly said: "We was always gonna be here, nowhere else."

More than 70,000 fans are expected to travel to Madrid for the all-English Champions League final and most will be unable to get tickets, but that doesn't matter as football fiesta has already kicked off.

Former Spurs player Jermaine Jenas told ITV News he expected the three-week break between the end of the Premier League season and the final to have benefited his old side more than Liverpool.

But it was difficult for pundits like him - he now works for BT Sport - to make any predictions, given the roller coaster journeys both sides took fans on to make the final.

Meanwhile, Steve McManaman, who played for Liverpool and won the Champions League twice with Real Madrid, said the final was unlikely to see a repeat of the drama of the semi-finals.

Around 16,000 tickets each have gone to Tottenham and Liverpool supporters ahead of Saturday’s showpiece event, with standard tickets selling at around 70 euros (£62).

But fans say they have been quoted an average of 6,000 euros (£5,300), roughly 100 times the face value, and much more than many are willing to pay.

Tottenham Hotspur fans in Plaza de Colon in Madrid. Credit: PA

Extra police officers from London and Merseyside have also been drafted in to assist their Spanish counterparts in dealing with the influx of British supporters.

Superintendent Nick Collins, the Metropolitan Police’s lead for football policing, said: “This is a historic match for British football and it promises to be a fantastic occasion, and a memorable time for travelling fans.

"A robust policing plan is in place to ensure disruption and any trouble is kept to a minimum, and so fans can focus on enjoying the spectacle."

Fans making the journey from England to the continent have been warned to pack sun cream, with temperatures expected to reach 32C on Saturday.