Alastair Humphreys microadventures: Why I left my family to busk across Spain

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Alastair Humphreys turned his love of madcap travel into a career.

But his thirst to get away for epic and punishing trips was itself challenged at 32 by the lifetime adventure of fatherhood.

Having rowed the Atlantic, cycled round the world, crossed deserts and the Arctic, the former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year gladly admits finding raising two children a far harder feat of endurance.

Alastair explains here why he struggled so much in the domestic role and how he finally carved out the time to resume a different kind of adrenaline-filled microadventure.

The film-maker and 'My Midsummer Morning' author also shares stories from his trip busking across Spain, surviving solely on the tips for his performance of an instrument he could barely play.

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