Noticed extra colourful sunrises and sunsets lately? Canadian wildfires may be to blame

Sunsets and sunrises over the UK have been unusually colourful of late and it is mainly down to something happening thousands of miles away across the Atlantic ocean.

Social media users have been sharing some stunning photographs of the early and late daily phenomena, with some admirers even questioning whether the pictures are real.

They are - as the Met Office has confirmed - real and the reason they look so special is that dust particles from wildfires in Canada have been swept across the Atlantic ocean by the jet stream.

When the particles that lasted the journey reach the UK, they're suspended in the sky and the Sun's light is refracted through them - creating particularly red skies.

They're extra red because the "smoke particles scatter blue light, leaving only red light which gives the sky its notable appearance", according to the Met Office.

The smoke particles make a remarkable journey - crossing over 3,000 miles of ocean - but it's even more surprising to see some plumes of smoke stayed intact and settled over the UK (area marked in red below).

Unfortunately, the Met Office says the red sky phenomenon is likely to have passed after the Canadian smoke particles were blown further east.

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This time of year the days are at the longest.

Near 16 hours of daylight in places - and another three weeks until the longest day of the year (or summer solstice).

The sunrises are remarkably early right now (before 5am in places) - and not for the fainthearted.

The sunsets are easier to catch (nearer 9pm). And there has been show-stoppers recently.

After a very warm, humid weekend for many of us and the hottest day of the year so far on Sunday (29C in Norfolk), the mornings and evenings have taken on an particularly colourful display.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has drifted across the Atlantic on the jet stream, survived the journey, and the smoke particles have brought about the striking skies.

The smoke particles scatter blue light, leaving only red light - and a spectacular display of purple, pink and orange skies.

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