Prince Charles pushed Donald Trump on climate change in lengthy meeting

ALTERNATE CROP The Prince of Wales is greeted by US President Donald Trump outside Winfield House, the residence of the Ambassador of the Un Credit: PA

Donald Trump has said he was pressed on climate change by the Prince of Wales during their meeting at Clarence House on Monday.

Charles “did most of the talking” during the chat, according to the US President.

Mr Trump, who has previously accused climate experts of having a “political agenda”, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain he “totally listened” to the Prince when the issue came up.

He said: “What he really feels one way about is the future.

“He wants to make sure future generations have climate that is good climate as opposed to a disaster, and I agree.

“I did mention a number of things, I did say the United States right now has among the cleanest climates.”

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship tweeted that Mr Trump appeared to confuse climate change and the weather during his interview.

Asked if Charles moved him on the issue, he said: “What moved me was his passion for future generations, he’s really not doing this for him, he’s doing this for future generations.

“This is real, he believes that. He wants to have a world that’s good for future generations and I do, too.

“He’s Prince Charles, he doesn’t have to worry about future generations unless he’s a very good person who cares about people, and that’s what impressed me, maybe the most.”

In the interview with Piers Morgan, Mr Trump claimed his meeting with Prince Charles was meant to last for 15 minutes but lasted for 90, however, it is thought the meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes but took 45.

Royal Editor Chris Ship said that Prince Charles believed that he had made some headway with Mr Trump.

In the interview, Mr Trump also addressed claims that he had referred to the Duchess of Sussex as "nasty" when he was told that she had previously said she would leave the US if he became President, saying that he had said "she was nasty about me".

"She was nasty to me. And that’s okay for her to be nasty, it’s not good for me to be nasty to her and I wasn’t," the President said.

He went on to say he thought Meghan was "very nice" and is "doing a good job", adding that he hopes "she enjoys her life".

Speaking to Morgan, Mr Trump continued that he thought Prince Harry was "a terrific guy" and "couldn't have been nicer" when they met.

Mr Trump also mentioned China, India and Russia, urging them to take more responsibility for their pollution.

Before his state visit, hundreds of climate change experts urged Prime Minister Theresa May to confront him over his approach to the issue.

A letter signed by 250 academics from universities and research bodies across the UK stated that his refusal to tackle global warming is “increasing risks for lives and livelihoods” around the world.