UK Weather Forecast: Sunshine and showers through Sunday. Lighter winds.

Today:It will be a day of sunny spells and scattered showers. Northern and western areas are likely to see the most showers, and some of them could be heavy and thundery. Lighter winds than on Saturday, making it feel warmer.

Tonight:Showers will largely die out, except in some far western areas. Persistent and locally heavy rain will spread into eastern and southern England through the night. Turning chilly.

Monday:Rain across eastern and southern England will spread westwards, reaching much of Wales and northern England. Turning breezy across eastern parts. Elsewhere, sunny spells and showers, locally heavy and thundery.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:Heavy and persistent rain will continue for many, particularly across eastern England. Heavy and thundery showers, especially in the south. Driest and brightest across the northwest. Often cool and windy.